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Labs that Work... for Everyone (LTW)

NCPRE has developed a modular leadership/professional development program— called Labs that Work...for Everyone—for Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), with each module based around one or more common dilemmas that researchers face in a lab environment. In today’s world, research endeavors require more than just “good science.” They require strong lab leaders and lab members who are able to collaborate at the highest levels for team science.  Scientists must—to the best of their abilities—successfully navigate the pitfalls and problems that are inherent in team settings. LTW is designed to support researchers as they navigate the challenges that arise in a lab-based setting.

How does Labs that Work for Everyone (LTW) work?

LTW is an online program that has both synchronous and asynchronous components. Participants watch a movie, supplemental videos, and complete logbook activities for each episode contained in the program. Based on preferences of a particular lab, lab leaders and members meet to discuss the content after each episode or each Act of the feature film.

What makes Labs that Work for Everyone (LTW) unique?

LTW is a professional development program that centers around a feature film (A Tale of Two Labs) that depicts a troubled collaboration between a biology and a chemistry lab. The feature film was specifically developed to reflect scientists' real experiences, and presents relatable scenarios that lab members and leaders can view and discuss together. The feature film also illustrates the use of specific professional development skills that are further developed with supplemental videos and practical application exercises. Learn more about the different versions of LTW under development here: [link TBD].

What are the aims of LTW?

The LTW program provides scientific leaders meaningful, tailored curriculum designed to support ethical laboratory and scientific practices, to improve cultural awareness, and to be able to lead effectively lab members. LTW aims to provide lab members with skills to help them achieve productive careers within a complex, competitive, and challenging research environment. 

How much time does it take to complete LTW?

Lab members and leaders have multiple potential paths through the LTW curriculum. LTW is designed to be a long-term professional development program that allows for new habits to form (i.e., program materials are to be consumed over several months to allow for reflection and practice over time). Sample paths for labs are included below:

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