About the AUDiT

When academic units face challenges of internal conduct and governance, it can undermine their ability to fulfill their missions of teaching, research, and service. Assessing and assisting these units to return to vibrancy and vigor can be complex. We have developed the AUDiT to help academic leaders identify elements of healthy units, as well as to spot warning signs and assess serious problems. For help using the AUDiT, please contact us at

Scoring the AUDiT

Use the AUDiT table to score a given unit. Start by putting a check next to elements that characterize the unit – green, yellow, or red. Then go back and give a positive score to elements in the green column, and a negative score to elements in the other columns. Add up your score to get a sense of how your department is doing.

Versions of the AUDiT

We have two versions for faculty/administrators to evaluate their own unit: one for research-oriented institutions and one for teaching-oriented institutions. We also have an alternate form to evaluate public media or professional workplaces. The Alternate AUDiT for Public Media/Professional Workplace was developed in collaboration with Peter Fretwell, Member and General Manager, KHSU/Humboldt State University.

AUDiT Resources

AUDiT Manual

AUDiT for Research-oriented Institutions

AUDiT for Teaching-Oriented Institutions

AUDiT for Public Media/Professional Workplace


AUDiT Licensing Information


Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License

The AUDiT tool is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. NCPRE would strongly prefer you consult with us if you would like to make changes and use this tool for another purpose. Please reach out to us at to customize the AUDiT tool or to discuss commercial licensing options.

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