Assessment Overview

Assessment at NCPRE

The National Center for Principled Leadership and Research Ethics offers tools that efficiently measure workplace climates. Tools include the SOURCE, which measures research integrity climates, the CARES, which measures interpersonal climates, and the BESSI, which measures social, emotional, and behavioral skills. We also have additional tools in development, including our adjectives tool, and abbreviated versions of the SOURCE and the CARES.

Our custom-built Results Analysis Engine (RAE) manages the survey process and presents findings in a variety of ways. The RAE allows leaders to see a full summary of their research and interpersonal climates at three levels: the institution, the college/school, and the unit/department. Our data visualization tools highlight the areas of work environments that are performing well, as well as the areas that could use improvement. These tools are useful for addressing long term and short-term issues within the professional academic environment, to ensure that each member of the community can thrive.

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