Academic Leadership and Management Institute (ALMI) 2024

Academic Leadership and Management Institute 2024

Greetings and welcome to the Academic Leadership and Management Institute (ALMI) program, part of the Principled Academic Leadership programming presented by the National Center for Principled Leadership & Research Ethics (NCPRE). Our goal is to support your growth as an early career faculty member. 
NCPRE creates and shares resources to support better ethical and leadership practices in academic and other professional contexts. Leadership—and particularly ethical leadership—is central to creating a culture that establishes healthy and productive professional interactions. We equip you with evidence-based tools to support intentional leadership development and institutional integrity.
Your cohort’s presenters are C. K. Gunsalus and Robert Easter.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Sarah Mustered, 

Session One: Orientation to Academia as a New Faculty

Session Date: February 6, 2023

This introductory module will overview the program, including discussing academia's written and unwritten rules. The new faculty will be able to consider their leadership strengths and areas of improvement. The topics in this session will include: Becoming a leader in an academic environment, boundaries, and managing yourself. 


  • What characterizes times when you received feedback that were good experiences? How about the bad ones? Record 3-5 examples for each.

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