National Center for Principled Leadership & Research Ethics

Developing values-driven, effective leaders and advancing institutional integrity through intentional professional development

The National Center for Principled Leadership & Research Ethics (NCPRE) is dedicated to creating and supporting academic cultures of excellence: excellence in mission quality; excellence in exemplary leadership; and excellence in ethical and responsible conduct.

Our premise is that excellence is about more than what is achieved; it also encompasses how work is done: with rigor, reproducibility, inclusion, and integrity. This means that exceptional scholarship is done in ethical, inclusive working environments, with positive interpersonal dynamics, and in ways that develop, mentor, and support lab members to build productive, meaningful careers. Research groups and academic units do not only produce data and results: they also reproduce and sustain themselves as effective ongoing collaborations, which in turn builds and contributes to the talent pool of the wider research community.

For us, intentional leadership development, institutional integrity, and cultures of academic excellence are linked. We create tools and resources to inspire, support and evaluate them all.