Preparing University Leaders

The National Center for Principled Leadership & Research Ethics (NCPRE) at the University of Illinois is collaborating with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to conduct research, develop and deliver curricula, provide guidance and create tools with the goal of preparing future University leaders who are prepared to deal with complex issues, drawing on evidence-based practices.

As part of this effort, we have developed the Leadership Collection, a curated collection of quick tips, briefings, videos, bibliographies and more to help you learn to become a leader or train future leaders for your organization. It includes resources when you need something right now and resources for reflection and personal study.

We have also recently completed a white paper on how to develop academic leaders for your unit. The document, entitled Academic Leadership Development, Critical Capabilities at the Department Level, comes out of the Confronting Challenges in Academic Units (CCAU) Consortium and was developed by NCPRE for the CCAU consortium to help departments critical capabilities in developing leadership for their units.

NTU and Illinois aim to establish collaboration on NTU’s signature NTU Leadership Academy (NTULA) to make it the premiere program in Asia for the leaders of global research universities of the future.

The program incorporates an evidence-based approach that includes the skills of data analysis and interpretation to support university decision-making, a capacity to operate in diverse national and international contexts across a global scale with ethical sensitivity and integrity, and leadership competencies that can lead a university through issues of strategic planning, research and professional integrity, curricular and pedagogical innovation, and cooperative, collegial governance.